Updates from ADSA & ACMDTT on Sonographer Regulation
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- Alberta Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Voluntary Roster

- Regulation of Alberta Sonographers Information update
Gov’t accepts Sonographers under HPA- Royal Assent
- ACMDTT - Message 1 (Click Here), Message 2 (Click Here)

- 2016 Membership Renewal Form

VIDEO: The Diagnostic Medical Sonographer & the Journey to Self-Regulation - The video will introduce the sonographer to the Alberta Journey.

Regulation Questions??? Email your question to RegulatingDMS@gmail.com

Complimentary Fetal Heart Review graciously contributed by Dr. Lisa Hornberger (PDF 22MB)

Solutions for Reducing MSI's Among Sonographers
ADSA gratefully acknowledges BCUS for this presentation
BCUS Conference October 22, 2011
Duration: 1:13:39


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